A Healthier You

ADHC's vision is to provide its preventive dental hygiene services to specific populations throughout California.
ADHC continues to expand its services in schools. With this expansion comes the need to provide communities with more volunteers and staff in order to implement and sustain its preventive services. ADHC's future is bright with healthier smiles for both the young and old.
Hubs are established with an RDHAP as Regional Director (RD).
The RD oversees all ADHC's activities in their community.
The RD is chairperson and accountable to a board of directors.
The RD guides and directs all ADHC's daily operations.
The RD is responsible for maintaining portable equipment, supplies and direct supervision of dental and all other volunteers.
ADHC will continue to provide services to the non-insured and under-insured with limited or no access to care.
All direct preventive services are provided by licensed advanced practitioners and RDA's.
Quality service is provided using state-of-the-art portable dental units and chairs.
ADHC is on the move and prides itself in planning, promoting, implementing, providing, monitoring and evaluating access to preventive dental care to vulnerable populations in California.
ADHC shares its vision with all whom believe in its mission.
ADHC believes that all people have a right to oral health and total health.